I'm Ikhwan

Chief Geek. Devil Advocates. Product Manager.

Everything you need to know about this chief geek

  1. I love making technology work for people.
  2. I have UX and technical group.
  3. My main weapon is .NET Microsoft Platform, Django and Python. I can do some Java and Go too.
  4. I have experience in building customised systems to help businesses using open source technology— capable of explaining complex software issues in easy-to-understand terms.
  5. I love solving complex technical challenges and passionate about solving technical problems end to end— from inception to programming to delivery to deployment to scaling and operations, with right tools across the board, that thought process helps me get out of typical boxed approach and help leverage right technologies across multiple domains.
  6. I love building team of highly passionate people about technology with focus on customer delivery and having a lot of fun while build products

I don’t have any fixed rates. Every project is unique and requires a different amount of time and work, and pricing varies depending on what the project needs. So if you’ve got an interesting project in mind, I’m very happy schedule a call with you to discuss its scope and details. I’m happy to send a quote when I know specifics of the project, and I can send you some initial questions to get things started.

Hire me

I am usually hired for Development, Maintenance, Management and Strategy.

Email : [email protected]
Phone :

  • Malaysia : +601142000437
  • Indonesia :+6285112000437