Muhammad Ikhwan
Technology Leader and Mentor

I love solving complex technical challenges and passionate about solving technical problems end to end from inception to programming to delivery to deployment to scaling and operations, with right tools across the board, that thought process helps me get out of typical boxed approach and help leverage right technologies across multiple domains.

I love building team of highly passionate people about technology with focus on customer delivery and having a lot of fun while build products.


I am an experienced technology leader, mentor and architect with a deep understanding of working at scale and risk management.

Specialization on solution architect and data technologies with more 10 years experience in development (technical and functional) and 3 years in project management on many projects of software development life cycle.

I have been focus more on big data analysis and artificial intelligence since 2013. My technical strong skills are on Microsoft stack, Amazon Web Services and Python.

Professional Experience

  • 2016

    February 2015 – August 2016
    Capita Technology Group
    Chief Technology Officer

    Architected the web application, mobile web and mobile application.

    Set strategic direction and work on very complex projects.

    Mentoring of team on technical and personal aspects.

    Incorporated a wide range of high technology solutions into product solutions (Artificial intelligence and Text to speech).

    Direct, review and approve product development.

    Road mapping of core infrastructure.

    Write complex business models and proposals.

  • 2015

    April – January 2015
    Capita Technology Group
    Head of Technology

    Supervise, manage, lead and direct technical team.

    Responsible for designing, provisioning and managing hundreds of servers in Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure.

    Provided solution, design, and provisioning of AWS infrastructure for new on-boarding partners from network, security, resources, deployment, logging and monitoring.

    Design and implementation of analytics solution using Elastic Search (ELK stack) to enable tracking, monitoring.

    Design and implementation of data streaming architecture using Kinesis, Lambda, and DynamoDB Design and implementation of CDN using Amazon CloudFront and WAF.

    Kept the team informed with current task, what task need to be done, what task is currently in progress, what task still incomplete, and the weekly timeline.

    Communicate directly to technical staff to understand what they aren't capable of and create once a week schedule to enrich technical team's knowledge.

    Assist CEO to provide IT monthly and yearly cost and plan.

    Responsible to CEO to make sure every technical team understand what they are working on and receive deliverables from staff.

    Research for new technology to provide a strong foundation for next architecture(SOA). Development of next generation Web Service tools (Rapid Application Development).

    Developed multi-threaded SOAP server and client using gSOAP for handling and forwarding of real-time power-usage data from smart meters.

    Architected and developed an extensible, real-time, multi-threaded, messaging based framework to support live-site application logging. Lock minimizing strategies such as lock-free buffering, and lock-free thread-safe message stream join points were used to enhance support of multi-threaded processing. This framework made use of the STL and appropriate portions of the framework were coded as parameterized templates.

  • 2014

    October – February 2014
    Capita Technology Group
    Senior Consultant

    System analyst and technical lead role for a few banking projects.

    Engage in projects to deliver technical consultancy and develop custom solutions for customers.

    Support and eventually manage implementation projects.

    Understand the capabilities and limitations for out of the box functionality and custom development.

    Plan and perform data migration into new systems.

  • 2013

    February – September
    Capita Technology Group
    Senior Software Developer

    Research and implementing web technologies. Internal, external, and extranet application development utilizing standards-compliant, efficient and optimized ASP, PHP, CSS, VBScript, JavaScript, AJAX and HTML code, including security, design and deployment of MS SQL and MySQL databases, graphical user interfaces, testing and documentation.

    Primary developer for third party integration and customization. Limited use of .NET technology. Applications developed from scratch include travel request and approval application, internal IT and Facilities ticketing system, internal change management system, alpha code portal, internal event tracking system, customer support site, marketing database, opt-in emailing application and more.

    Creating code and test based on described Test List and Sequence.

    Diagram defined in daily scrum meeting.

Key Skills

High availability and scalability.
NoSQL database design.
Software development from the analyze requirements, through conception, build architecture and manage development.
Manage talents.

Personal Skills

Ability to multitask and be autonomous.
Can work alone or in a team.
Effective and efficient problem solving.
Excellent communication skills.
Self motivated and self sufficient.
Quality and fast client service oriented.

Programming Knowledge

I have experience with high level development. Below is a list of programming languages and areas within which I have worked the most— in regards to software development.

Python, Django, Pyramid
C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SQL Server, EF.
Amazon Web Service; EC2, RDS, S3, Beanstalk, Lambda, SNS, SQS, Elasticache and Redshift.
jQuery, React, Angular, Backbone and some NodeJS with the Express and Sails frameworks.
Java EE and Spring
Swift, Objective C
CodeIgniter 3


I speak three languages ​​fluently and can make myself understood in a fourth. You can see the list of these languages in the below, where they are weighed depending on how well I speak them.


Project Experience

These are some of the most relevant experiences I have from past and present work.

Various Python Web Projects
API Architecture
Software Development
Android Development
iOS Development
Desktop Application
Neuro Linguistics Programming


Freelance Software Craftmanship
My (and my team) work has been recognized by several large and small scale projects with mature brands and promising startups such as: Petronas, HSBC, OCBC Singapore among others.

Technology Leader
My previous roles have given me skills and understanding of multiple areas including software development using traditional paradigms (3-tier, SDLC).

Coolest Hackathon Merdeka Chapter Malaysia
On Saturday, 5 December 2015, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to organize a Hackathon Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. The hackathons focus to build IT solution for overcoming corruption issue and integrity in society, institution, and Indonesia government.

We ended up having more 750 developers show up and build some really incredible applications. Over the course of 48 hours, 260 applications were built. The whole event was a great learning experience.

For me as a technical evangelist can still learn many best practices from them, including the benefits of good problem definition, the importance of deadlines, and the strength of a small dedicated team.

At the end of the day, organizing a hackathon is a lot of fun, perhaps encourage you to consider organizing your own event.